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Exide Motorcycle Batteries

Exide makes high-performance motorcycle batteries, designed for those who demand the best from their bike. They use the most advanced components and materials, and their Motorcycle  Batteries are renowned for their reliability and long  lifespan. Exide make batteries  or motorcycles, scooters, jet skis and a wide range of other  vehicles. Customers use their products to get to work, explore  the world, and race on land and sea.

Maintenance Free

Exide Maintenance Free offers impressive reliability and  lifespan, easily withstanding cold winters and other harsh conditions. The battery is completely maintenance free, only  requiring initial acid filling to get you started. Maintenance Free uses time-proven AGM technology, and is ideal for the  majority of applications, including high-end scooters.


› Extended cycle life
› Ideal for seasonal use and cold weather
› Maintenance free – no water refilling
› Ultra safe and suitable for motion tilting – fully sealed,
› 6-bottle acid pack included
› Easy stock handling – no recharge required before acid
› 27 types covering 90% of the parc


Exide Conventional batteries are designed for entry-level and older vehicles with basic power needs, exposed to everyday driving conditions. They are also a good option for garden tractors and other similar vehicles.

Varta_logoVarta Motorcycle Batteries

We also supply the full range of Varta Motorcycle Batteries, these batteries are top quality and very reliable. We have all part numbers in stock so just give us a call or come and see us and we will direct you to the right battery.

Motorcycle Batteries generally have part numbers like YTX9-BS (letters and numbers) or YB12A-A. So when you require a new motorcycle battery we recommend that you have a look for the part number on your old battery then give us a call so we can give you a quote right away.

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